Minimalist Tip: Make a Permanent Shopping List

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Mar 06 2013

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Minimalist Tip: Make a Permanent Shopping List

Faced with a toothbrush-related crisis – the crisis being, as you may have imagined, a dying toothbrush in need of replacement – I got fed up. Why am I wasting little bits of energy each morning and evening going arrrgh it’s still this old toothbrush? There are so many better ways to spend time!

So I made a list of all of those boring things I needed to replenish constantly, and the stores that stock them. Now, instead of wondering “Do I need anything at Boots?” I take a quick scan of my permanent list, without worrying about scribbled notes on scraps of paper.

On my latest trip, I not only bought several toothbrushes, but many other items to have in stock, far from worry of imminent need. Oh it is great to be prepared.

xandra ★

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