Girl Power Pizza Party

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jul 16 2013

Gold Tape

Girl Power Pizza Party

The occasion: My un-birthday. [June celebration for a 25 July baby].

The venue: Atomic Pizza, of course.

Girl Power Pizza Party

The entertainment: Atomic Pizza’s retro arcade.

The dress code: As or inspired by a Super Heroine.

^me as Ms Pac Man, Dr Jenny as Lara Croft.

Girl Power Pizza Party

^ Emma as Luna Lovegood and Oli as Cat Woman

Girl Power Pizza Party

^ Super Ania and Atomic salad, Loony Emma with handmade jewellery and the charity shop hat that inspired her costume.

Girl Power Pizza Party

The special guest: Lyra the unicorn, donning my Blogcademy Pugly Pixel ring as a sort of Minnie Mouse charade.

The cake plates: Hello Kitty.

Girl Power Pizza Party

The activities: Crayons and personalised stickered placemats waiting to be coloured.

^ Rosanna and Meredith’s fabulous creations double as end-of-term stress-relief.

Girl Power Pizza Party

The Cake: Sugar Rush. I found them just in time and requested a girly pink and yellow cake with stars, and well, they Completely Got It. Everyone gaped [and drooled] over this mammoth cupcake, and just when we thought we’d found girl power perfection, we cut it open and the inside was a rainbow.


I did plan the details months in advance, but the best part was bringing together my fabulous guests. I’m not a best friend person or a posse person, rather a meet-random-awesome-people-and-go-on-mini-one-on-one-adventures person (surely I’m not the only one in this category?). A pseudo birthday brought these super ladies together; we made like the Avengers and Assembled.

An unplanned perk of the dress code is that now when I mention one friend to another, I can identify them by their costume [“My friend Oli – oh, you know, Cat Woman…”].

Girl Power Pizza Party

^ Emma, Homer, Meredith, Marge, Maggie, Bart, Kat, Lisa, Rosanna, and me.

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