my daily plan for productivity


Jan 11 2013

Gold Tape

my daily plan for productivity

^ my library work station. keeping life pink.

new term, new timetable. the constant challenge of oxford is time management, because they give you so much free time and so much to do. i need structure to function, so here is my (so-far successful) plan of attack for hilary 2013.

7:30 am get up. morning yoga. eat breakfast. read blogs and watch vlogs.

8:30 am ease into work by organising: look up books, head to the library, that kind of thing.

9:00 am work work work. read vogue during breaks. avoid internet procrastination. phone off.

30 min before lunch collect myself. phone on. head to lunch.

lunch hour meet a friend for lunch. chat. eat good food. complete break from work.

post-lunch more work. scheduled to do list items. clean out email and phone inboxes. blog. arrange future adventures.

dinner etc eat well. do something fun and fantastic. no more work.

evening plan tomorrow

11:00 pm turn off computer. yoga. journal. read. sleep.

do you have a daily routine? i would love to hear it.

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