Planning Weekly Errands in my Passion Planner


Oct 20 2017

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Errands in my Passion Planner

My favourite section of my to-do lists in my Passion Planner is the Errands.

I use this section as instructed, to get out of the house and do little tasks that make a difference.

Here are some actual examples from the Errands section of my Planner this year. You can also request full example pages from my planner monthly by downloading my free ebook, A Spell for Feeling Well.

Errands in my Passion Planner

Personal Errands

Personal Errands include shopping for specific things:

  • Buy flowers
  • Get candles at IKEA
  • Buy shoe inserts
  • Stock up on Toothy Tabs at Lush
  • Buy washing up gloves at Lakeland [the moisturising ones are my favourite!]

Or other specific tasks outside the house:

  • Book theatre tickets
  • Book cinema tickets
  • Return Anthropologie purchases
  • Take out recycling
  • Sell books at Grassmarket
  • Pick up from the tailor
  • Take shoes to the cobbler
  • Deposit cheque
  • Take iPod to Apple Store
  • Pick up a book at Golden Hare that I requested online

Or non-specific tasks outside the house:

  • Consider upcoming theatre shows
  • Look for a new food processor [We got a Ninja one from Lakeland and are obsessed!]
  • Look for athletic top

Or quick little tasks to tack on the end of my day at home:

  • Send email invites to little weekly home party
  • Browse Izzy Lane’s new collection online [If you care to join me, use discount code XAG2 at checkout!]
  • Book a massage
  • Make a restaurant reservation
  • Replace the ribbon on my planner
  • Request more GiffGaff SIM cards [I get a referral bonus, so I keep a few extras at home just in case. Let me know if you want one!]
  • Pledge for No Filter, the anthology of millennial essays I contributed to. And subsequently pledged for myself.

As well as post-related tasks:

  • Write birthday cards
  • Send birthday cards
  • Order presents online
  • Purchase stamps

Work Errands

Every week:

  • Business reflection
  • Files OR Accounting

Plus little maintenance tasks:

  • Update Events calendar wall at home
  • Update social media and website metrics chart monthly
  • Draw my next month’s editorial calendar in my planner

Plus some little non-urgent tasks that will be satisfying to complete:

  • Fix my IFTTT Instagram/Twitter connection
  • Make a master list of students
  • Update As Seen In
  • Fix featured images in Travel Guides page

Reminders to do important but not huge tasks:

  • Instagram #NoFilterCollection
  • Set date for webinar
  • Tweet Sunday Sampling features

Setting up meetings:

  • Schedule appointment with ActiveCampaign
  • Arrange business brainstorm with a friend

Getting a 30-minute start on courses and new projects:

  • Start The Insta Retreat
  • Learn about DSLR filming
  • Brainstorm next Yes & Yes ad

And the occasional actual errand:

  • Pick up tea party favours
  • Print tea party passages
  • Buy cards for tea party invitations
  • Send Hogwarts letters for Lumos Your Life
  • Hang up tea party sign at venue

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This lesson is filed under GRYFFINDOR to encourage getting out and about while getting things done.

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