Polygamy & Fandoms


Mar 17 2017

Gold Tape

Polygamy & Fandoms

I turned to a random page in my Writer’s Block for a prompt and landed on polygamy.

So here is my video about polygamy, fandoms, and how it’s totally cool to like lots of different things.

Usually in fiction we get characters with one certain interest, for the sake of the narrative. Even Harry has one hobby in Quidditch, although I do appreciate how he balances it with homework and Voldemort stuff.

So fiction isn’t the best place to turn for inspiration on juggling interests.

I remember how Harry Potter fans turned to Twilight, High School Musical (?), and then The Hunger Games, and how that made me feel sad and then angry at the source of what was taking my fellow fans away. 

But you guys. It’s not a competition. We are all nerds. We can be different kinds of nerd, and we can share our individual love with many things.

This is something I talk about in my book, Own Your Story, in which I grapple with being a climber but not only a climber.

I love Harry Potter and Jane Austen and Punchdrunk immersive theatre. And Survivor. I don’t have to make sense. In fact I like to think my disparate interests make me more interesting. Just like your random interests make you more interesting. 

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