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Chapter, Fashionably Light

Sep 30 2013

Gold Tape

Postcard From → Eat and Snap

^ learning in progress.

Listen to this: Brunch and Photography Workshop. When I heard that phrase, I went omigosh. When I tell friends that’s how I spent my Saturday, they go omigosh. It is actually as charming as it sounds. Michelle from MYCreative meets a small group of snappers for brunch [including, surprise! my friend Che], this time at The Market Cafe on Broadway Market. Over pancakes and veggie fry-ups we chat, we make friends. When the plates are cleared, photography pocket guides are distributed, and Michelle teaches us the skillz. What follows is a couple hours’ wander through the stalls, putting aperture knowledge into practice [whilst sampling olive oils]. Simple, lovely, and ever so useful, Eat and Snap was the perfect way to start a London Saturday. 

to further snapping practice, and prettier photos on the blog,

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