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Chapter, Fashionably Light

Sep 16 2013

Gold Tape

Postcard From → Kara's Cupcakes

^ Palo Alto. August 2013.

When my family tried Kara’s Cupcakes for the first time in Ghiradelli Square it was love at first bite. We broke the sacred rule of cupcake-consuming – that each cupcake deserves its own individual time of savouring- and went back for seconds right away. Years went by, I sampled dozens of new cupcakes, and I dreamed of Kara’s still. Last month, I returned to the hot pink palace, worried that absense had made the heart grow too fond. But magic prevailed, and Kara’s remains my favourite cupcakery to date. 

When I started this blog, each post had one image, one caption, and 150 words of text or fewer. Over time I’ve added different flavours to my literary bakery, but my heart remains fond of and loyal to my bite-sized origins. So every Monday I’ll write you a postcard from the past, poems for the present.

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