Practical & Pretty Passion Planner Tip


Apr 04 2022

Gold Tape

Dear Reader,

If I were a cartoon character, my catchphrase would be “Wanna see my Passion Planner?” 😆

So, I made my new YouTube video with a lovely ritual in mind: if we were meeting for tea, what planning practices would I be most excited to share with you this week?

My fellow analog fans will know the specific struggle of That Week in the diary, that turns from one month to the next mid-way through. In this video, you will find my practical and pretty tip for easy scheduling during such an awkward time of the month. 

Remember — in planning and in life, beauty is a strategy ;) 

So, make your cup of tea & enjoy the video!


P.S. Do leave me a comment on the video with what YOU’RE excited about in your life or planner this week :)

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