but what will i wear? ~ blogcademy anticipation & taking my dreams seriously

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jan 12 2013

Gold Tape

but what should i wear? ~ the benefits of blogcademy anticipation^ motivational wallpaper + tools for the perfect aesthetic to accompany blogger-face photos.

when blogcademy announced their latest location (london baby) the first wave of shock hit: this sparkly yet detached fantasy could be something i live. the announcement was a sign that appeared just after i declared that writing is what i love and need to do. signing up was a big scary step – do i deserve this? (yes.). cue the second shock:

but what will i wear?

for years i have been paring down my wardrobe, but this anticipation kicked motivation into gear: it was time to step up my sartorial game. a blogcademy student carries the responsibility of stylish poise and individuality: in her wardrobe and on her blog. anticipating the report card (and more importantly, meeting blogger heros face to face) i whizzed through a blog makeover, tweaking little things to make them more pink. and because my “internet persona” is really just “my persona” this thrill of something important coming boosted the sparkle count in my everyday life.

it comes down to taking myself and my dreams seriously. to the tremendous support of the headmistresses and my fellow blogcademy pupils who all take themselves and their dreams seriously. to topping all this seriousness off with ears and glitter bows.

may you dazzle your life with glitter, because you deserve it,

xandra ★


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