this minimalist is pro-presents (gasp!)


Dec 17 2012

Gold Tape

this minimalist is pro-presents (gasp!)^ christmas presents atop a christmas sweater-jumper

tis the season for two types of posts to circulate the blogosphere:

1. gift-giving guides.

2. minimalist cases for going gift-free.

behold… my minimalist stance: pro-presents! i love to buy (or make) presents for people i love, as long as they are good presents – things that the person needs or could really use, but prefers someone else to buy. as i learned about sentimental jewellery, things can carry more meaning when they come from someone else.

an example: for months and months, i scoured stores for a teapot that was just so. this summer, my lovely friend emma gave me the most perfect teapot. at that point i realised that finding the teapot by myself would have been impossible – it had to be found for me (by emma!). 

i’m anti-clutter and anti-excess, but pro-good-presents, and pro-teapots.

what are your present-buying strategies? does gift-giving make you feel queasy or giddy?

xandra ★


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