Productivity Secret: The Best Pens Ever


May 15 2015

Gold Tape

Productivity Secret: The Best Pens Ever

I’m quite particular about my pens. After discovering the Study Blogging movement on Tumblr (which is what really got my through my final semester), I am confident that I am not alone in my passion for fine writing tools. These are no joke the only pens I own.

The Magical Muji Erasable ^

I use only erasable pens in my Passion Planner so that I can edit my daily schedule neatly! The erasers on these are surprisingly satisfactory.

The Seven Year Pretty Pen

Productivity Secret: The Best Pens Ever

I do a lot of writing, and these truly last. Only one has run out of ink for me, and although it didn’t last a full seven years, it did get me through a month of Oxford exams. They now come in so many cute designs, including a unicorn one!

Muji’s Addictive Double Highlighter

Productivity Secret: The Best Pens Ever

Muji turned me into a highlighter connoisseur. Look at those sharp edges! So easy and so pleasant to use. My Ravenclaw girl Mo got me hooked on highlighting items on to do lists rather than crossing or ticking them off. I use the smaller end for underlining.

My All-Time Favourite Eco-Frinedly Muji Pens

Productivity Secret: The Best Pens Ever

I adore these classics. The best part is that Muji sells refills, so all you have to do is discard the inner part when it runs out of ink and replace it! I like to put black and blue ink in formerly colourful pens to have interesting caps as a bonus.


What are your favourite types of pens? It makes a difference to select them mindfully – they provide an extra little dose of happiness!


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