Project #TutuDay: A Challenge


Jul 09 2015

Gold Tape

I’d lasted almost a year in Edinburgh without my Betsey Johnson tutu dress. But we have been reunited at last, even if it took up a carry-on’s worth of packing space. Worth it? Absolutely. Wearing a tutu is awesome. It makes me happy, and I get smiles from friends and strangers alike.

To make up for lost time, and as a little happiness challenge, I decided that every week would include a #TutuDay. A day in which I dress up, for an occasion big or small.

Consider this the Tutu Diaries, Volume I. To be continued in live time over on Instagram (@heroinetraining).

#TutuDay 1 – Hard Rock Café Boston

Project #TutuDay: A ChallengeProject #TutuDay: A Challenge

To dress down a tutu with hard rock flair, just add a Sweeney Todd tee from Hot Topic. But then pile on an adorable collar necklace (present from Caroline!) to balance it out. Upon entering the restaurant I was greeted with shy excitement from a table of little princesses at a birthday party.

#TutuDay 2 – Girl With the Sunshine Tattoo London Launch

#TutuDay 2 - Girl With the Sunshine Tattoo London Launch

After pausing for a quick Hoxton selfie, I Tube-d off to The Hide Bar for Caroline’s launch of The Girl With the Sunshine Tattoo, a revamped blog to celebrate her new London life and adventures. The evening included many Galentines giggles and also, the challenge of sipping a Shokoko cocktail covered in powdered chocolate.

#TutuDay 2 - Girl With the Sunshine Tattoo London Launch #TutuDay 2 - Girl With the Sunshine Tattoo London Launch#TutuDay 2 - Girl With the Sunshine Tattoo London Launch

Sarah executed the dress code prompt – “a sunny June day” with perfection.

#TutuDay 3 – Midsummer ritual for #ProjectPartyDress

#TutuDay 3 - Midsummer ritual for #ProjectPartyDress

Sarah has a similar project going called #ProjectPartyDress. Since she wanted to dress up for our Midsummer ritual the following day, I couldn’t say no to giving the tutu another day of wear. I wasn’t planning on wearing it for both of my days in London, so I had to improvise a bit, wearing a clean Ibex running shirt underneath, and – the ultimate go-to – a Crown & Glory flower crown on top.

#TutuDay 4 – tea and catch-ups at Lovecrumbs

#TutuDay 4 - tea and catch-ups at Lovecrumbs

Back from my travels, Lovecrumbs seemed like the perfect fit for debuting the tutu in Edinburgh. AC and I sat in the sunny window while sipping our tea and recounting our recent adventures. Dear tutu, thank you for being so versatile. And fun.


I want to know: what piece of clothing do you own that makes you instantly feel like a star? Maybe you should wear it every week too…


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