May 29 2020

Gold Tape

Dear Reader,

I was in the back seat, on my way to Logan Airport. About to begin my final year at Oxford, my mind was fixated on a new personal project.

For the longest time, I remembered that moment with a chuckle at my overachievement: Classic me, creating more work for myself on top of finals!

But I’m realising it was something else.

What brought me to Oxford was a longing to live in the fantasy worlds I called home. But doing an English Literature degree meant I couldn’t be friends with the characters anymore. I couldn’t be in my essays.

So I started my blog, a place where the story was my own, and I, the main character.

Today, that blog is my work – And I’m noticing now that I’ve buried myself beneath the business. So here I am, to reclaim my setting, starting with my new job title: Protagonist.

Until the Next Chapter,



P.S. Protagonist is next’s month’s chapter title for Everyday Wonderland, where you can join in on my journey, while embracing your own.

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