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Chapter, Fashionably Light

Oct 07 2013

Gold Tape

Postcard From  → PunchDrunk

^ presents and makeup by PunchDrunk

There’s this thing called PunchDrunk. I don’t want to give anything away. Let’s just say they’re an immersive theatre company. Some call it promenade, some call it choose-your-own-adventure, some call it a reason to live. First Sleep No More, then The Drowned Man. We visitors, masked, silent, and alone, follow the characters, explore corridors, and peruse desk drawers. Sometimes we are pulled behind a locked door and unmasked. Eventually I learned how to be picked: keep eye contact – but give the characters space – and be your own character in their world. Walk how the music makes you want to walk. Sit down in the middle of scenes. Lean against the set like you belong. And take that mindset with you when you leave the studios; it applies to your daytime too.

miss xandra bee
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