Quvenzhané Wallis’s Puppy Purse and Helen Mirren’s Pink Hair ~ Fun is In

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Feb 25 2013

Gold Tape

Quvenzhané Wallis's Puppy Purse and Helen Mirren's Pink Hair ~ Fun is In

The latest trend on the red carpets is Fun. And I like it a lot.

Quvenzhané Wallis, the youngest ever Best Actress Oscar-nominee (go watch Beasts of the Southern Wild now), wore a puppy purse to the Oscars. When asked why, she said “because it’s sparkly and fluffy”. YES.

Earlier at the BAFTAs, Helen Mirren twirled her way down the red carpet rocking pink hair (inspired by America’s Next Top Model!) and looks like a fairy queen.

These ladies make the statement that fun can be classy. When it comes to black tie, puppies are cool and pink hair rocks. Make your own magic and share it. Who wrote the rules anyway?

xandra ★


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