Random is Original: My Next Step


Mar 26 2015

Gold Tape

Simple Fix: Don't Just Eat It Because It's There.

One year ago, I published my first book. (YAY!)

I set out to write a simple book on minimalism, but it turned out to be so much more.

Although aiming to help others, telling my story helped me make peace with all the random aspects of myself.

It helped me realize that what really matters to me that every woman is the heroine of her own story, every man the hero of his.

For example. Here are some Things I Am:

What do these things have in common? They are all me, all parts that make up my being my own heroine. But only because I say so.
Writing my dissertation, I asked my supervisor, “are these different pieces too random?” and he replied that anything original will be a bit random – it’s about justifying how they fit together in a new way.

The same applies to our identities. We are individuals, each a unique combination of passions. Own everything you love, shed everything you don’t, and that’s where the magic lies.

Once again, starting a project has landed me somewhere very different: All I wanted to do was update the cover and design of the book to match my beautiful new site. But instead I decided to give the whole book a 2nd Edition makeover, with new chapters, and a new title:

The Heroine’s Journey

Coming soon :)
P.S.  The Case of the Double Cookie: Don’t Just Eat it Because It’s There.
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