Are you ready to Lumos Your Life?


Aug 15 2016

Gold Tape

Are you ready to Lumos Your Life?

It is with enormous pleasure that I share with you that my latest, most exciting project, Lumos Your Life, is open for enrollment! If you’ve been around Heroine Training for a while you might know it as Blogwarts, but this year it has been reincarnated with a brighter name, to best capture what the course is all about: lighting up your daily rituals and finding your magical mission.

You may have heard terms like “mindfulness” and “living in the moment”. You know they’re good things, but what do they mean exactly? How about “capturing the spirit of Hogwarts in your heart every day”? If you feel like infusing a little more bookish magic into your life, Lumos Your Life is for you.

Lumos Your Life is about chasing your dreams like a Seeker after a Golden Snitch: I send you your letter, and lead you through a programme designed to help you identify, follow, and achieve your very own magical mission.

Join us in our secret common room, already bubbling with likeminded witches from years 1 and 2.

Lumos Your Life Lumos Your Life


live in wonder

live in amazement

live like you just received your hogwarts letter


I’ll take you on an 8-week tour through the Hogwarts houses: dare to dream like a Gryffindor, ready your mind like a Ravenclaw, find your quest like a Hufflepuff, and live your legacy like a Slytherin.

The train leaves on 1 September, so enrollment closes at midnight on 26 August, and spaces are limited.

Here’s some floo powder: now head over to Lumos Your Life to register, and read up on all the details!

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