on the starbucks and living in the present


Nov 03 2012

Gold Tape

^ christmas lights on cornmarket and an eggnogg latte in one of the newly returned red cups 

for the first time this holiday season, i have had the opportunity to sample an eggnogg latte. when winter leaves, so will the red cups, and the seasonal specials they contain, until next christmastime. it’s like the coffee version of seasonal fruits and vegetables: they will only last a matter of weeks, so best enjoy them in the present. as elmo has taught us, christmas isn’t fun if it happens every day. let’s  save some treats (like robin eggs and candy corn) for certain seasons, so when we see them again it’s super special. it’s all a part of being aware of time passing by, for recognising the ephermeral, one sip at a time. ★

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