Registration Now Open for Letters from Jane Austen!


Apr 21 2015

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Registration Now Open for Letters from Jane Austen!

Book Club is back! Once again you have the opportunity to sign up for Letters from Jane Austen for letter-written commentary on and life lessons from Pride and Prejudice in your inbox each week.

You have 10 days to decide if you want me to take on your own heroine training Regency-style with advice from some of the best and worst examples of character in literary history.

Registration closes Thursday, 30 April as the clock strikes midnight over London. Your first letter will arrive on Friday, 1 May.

Keen to hear more? Hop in our Regency time machine and attend our tea party from Wednesday eve!

What the readers have to say:

Is there anything as sumptuous as the first reading of a Jane Austen novel?! Cast your mind back; it’s truly wonderful. Getting the letters each week made me carve a little more time out of each day to indulge in reading than I normally do. Glorious! Xandra very cleverly highlights certain aspects of the story and characters most relevant to a heroine in training.” – Sara S.

Each letter is carefully crafted with words that are wise and yet so relatable. It’s quite like having tea with Jane Austen herself.” – Erin R.

Letters from Austen is a fun way of deepening your understanding of Austen’s novels. Xandra’s thoughts certainly helped me to place some of the characters and their relationships, and each letter gave me something new to consider as I worked my way through the novel.” – Amy Lord (Ten Penny Dreams)

I am a first time Jane Austen reader and I am now hooked! Northanger Abbey was easier to understand than I thought, thanks to Xandra’s weekly letters, which helped me get acquainted with the characters and their relationships. On to Sense and Sensibility!”  – Susan B.

Here, have a closer look! And don’t forget to check out your free first letter.


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