Sunday Sampling: Free Books and Dressing for Your Sign


Jul 13 2014

Gold Tape


♡ How to dress by your rising sign. Good news: they’re all fabulous. But let’s be honest, I am the one in the crazy coat. Cough Leo.

♡ Sarah is on a roll over at The Laughing Medusa. Got big dreams? Here’s an excellent [Tim Gunn-inspired] pep talk.

♡ Time to go to Johannesburg to visit this guy: Homeless Man Gives Free Books to Kids – and has literary chats and impromptu book club sessions with passersby! 

♡ Elle Fanning looking gorgeously dressed for the occasion [as always].

♡ This one’s for the Gryffindors: Taking Risks Without Being Reckless

♡ Ladies with long hair: please do these hairstyles so I can live vicariously through you.

♡  a reminder to PLAY. How cute is this?

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