the secret to blogging: advice from the sartorialist and shakespeare


Dec 12 2012

Gold Tape

^ yesterday at wellesley, i met the sartorialist‘s scott schuman

scott schuman is respected by fashion elite, sponsored by chanel, and featured in korean car commercials – yet what impresses me most is how often i hear: “the sartorialist was the first blog i ever read”. he’s an artist who speaks to people, who, as he says, appreciates the characters and the craft. he spoke of his aim to respect the audience, by posting only what he felt strongly about, and admires garance doré‘s writing because “she is herself on the page“. being an artist is about vulnerability, he says: “go inside instead of outside to communicate“. this morning, working on the reading list (king lear), i found that shakespeare has already articulated this: “speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.” true to life, true to writing, from the 17th century to today.

xandra ★

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