Simple Fix: Shape Yo Brows

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Oct 04 2013

Gold Tape

Simple Fix: Shape Yo BrowsShall we play Spot the Difference?

The magical, sneaky thing about brows is that they transform your face, for better or for worse.

The above is Before and After my recent appointment with Adrianna at Benefit Cosmetics Spitalfields. No makeup in either photo, just letting the brows do the talking. [I tried to equalize my Smize.]. It’s a subtle, but significant change, non?

For a while, I admit, I was skeptical about the process. It seemed like just another thing to spend money on. But think about it – your brows frame your eyes, and it’s all about the eyes.

Another example, in – apologies – slightly scary selfie style.

Simple Fix: Shape Yo BrowsWhen it comes to Beauty Skillz, I’m still learning. Benefit recommends refraining from plucking between brow-waxing appointments to let your brows grow back naturally and fully. Okay then!

Do you have any simple suggestions to add?

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