A Heroine Stands Proud – Here’s How


Mar 31 2015

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A Heroine Stands Proud - Here's How

A heroine has fine shoes, no question. And by that I mean sturdy, good quality shoes that make her feel both confident and comfortable.

For the medieval cobbles and steep steps of Edinburgh, my Dr Marten Billie boots are a must, and they have certainly paid their dues over the years.

But only because I pay them back with love, care, and repair.

Marie Kondo says to thank your shoes at the end of the day, and if that makes you feel too silly, the least you can do is thank them with care.

My docs have been resoled, re-heeled, and re-zippered at the cobblers’, and I finally invested in Dr Martens’ Wonder Balsam, a coconut-oil based moisturizer for keeping the leather shiny and hydrated without having to polish. We moisturize our skin in the winter, so of course our shoes need it too!

First I take a damp paper towel or cloth and clean off all the dirt my shoes have picked up, then I use the included sponge to smear the balsam over my boots. They feel grateful and new after a good wipe!

A Heroine Stands Proud - Here's How

So when I purchased my very first pair of Repettos, I said yes to the recommended sublimate oil. A fine pair of shoes deserves the proper appreciation.


Are your favourite shoes looked after? Acquire the appropriate moisturizers and equipment for keeping them shiny and happy.


P.S. I got a call from my college this weekend, which made me nostalgic for my dorm-room decoration at Exeter College. Sigh.

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