Simple Fix for Decluttering your Toiletries

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Feb 24 2014

Gold Tape

Simple Fix for Decluttering your ToiletriesPacking my toiletries bag for my latest travels, I noticed that I have a lot of tiny bottles lying around. Samples from Lush, extras from hotels, and my little Muji travel pots.

A lot of the lotions were expired or unidentifiable.

So here’s my new plan – use up travel toiletries. Finish off that sample before it smells weird. 

Maybe you travel a lot and have a system down, but if you’re like me, it might be time to streamline. Use up the travel toiletries, then fill the containers back up when it’s time to fly.

Do you hoard travel toiletries, ‘just in case’? Or are you a more organized traveler than I am?

miss xandra bee
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