Simple Fix for Feeling Trapped in the Mundane

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Mar 10 2014

Gold Tape

Simple Fix for Feeling Trapped in the MundaneOn Thursday night, I prepared for a seven-hour car journey. I fluttered about, almost in a panic: How I can I use this time productively? How will I avoid being utterly bored?

A few months ago I had the heart of London at my doorstep. Now I’ve returned to the rural outskirts of Boston, off a major road, with no car. 

When it came time for enduring Friday’s journey, to my dismay, my video entertainment had not downloaded. But it was okay. I found myself staring out the window at my America. 

With fresh, intentional eyes, there is so much to see.

Simple Fix: Allow yourself to be interested.

We don’t have to go somewhere to do something interesting – we just have to remember that we are already somewhere.

miss xandra bee
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