Simple Fix Friday: Say the Magic Word!

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Apr 05 2013

Gold Tape

Simple Fix Friday: Say the Magic Word!

lessons from Sesame Street.

Etiquette is not just for little ones. It’s a lifelong practice that everyone should follow.

“Please” and “thank you” are musts, and I don’t need to tell you when to use them. But don’t forget to say “thank you” for gestures as well as things – you don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to express what you’re thankful for year round!

Phrases like “excuse me” can go a long way. They are appreciated in annoying situations, like on crowded streets when you bump into people accidentally. Pedestrian traffic can be stressful, and sending the I’m-not-trying-to-be-rude message might ease someone’s mind – and yours too! Help others in little ways and you’re also helping yourself.

“Sorry” is a tricky one that tends to be overused [especially in Britain]. One time after I paid by card in a shop, the employee asked “Sorry, but could I have your signature?”. No need to be sorry! If you save this word for when you really are sorry, it will retain its meaning.

These are the magic words. Use them carefully and sincerely, not sarcastically or passive aggressively. Words have power – use them well!

thank you for reading.

xandra ★

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