Simple Fix: Have a Sugar Sabbatical

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Oct 25 2013

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Simple Fix: Have a Sugar Sabbatical

When I’m in a slump, often the culprit is sugar. It’s addictive, and not that great for you. Even if you think it makes you happy. Think about it – it kind of doesn’t.

I have a rule now, that whenever I feel like I’m getting ill, or when I have my period, I ban sugar.

Simple Fix: take a sugar free week.

For me, it’s easier to abstain than refrain. It’s easier to skip the hemming and hawing, and decide no before there is even a question.

Sugar Free Week (Semaine Sans Sucre) is mentally and physically empowering. Despite feeling groggy during illness, bloating during my period, this is one thing I can control.

To get through the week – and yes, it’s hard – tell people about your goal. Tell them before the dessert menu arrives so they can help you resist. Read articles about sugar and health. Google will find you plenty of scary ones.

When you succeed, you are an amazing force of will. A week’s detox will make you appreciate what kinds of sugary treat you actually want, and the kind that you eat out of habit or boredom. Save it for the good stuff.

Good luck!

miss xandra bee
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