Simple Fix: Light a Candle

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Nov 22 2013

Gold Tape

Simple Fix: Light a CandleSometimes when I walk into a shop [ahem. Anthro.], serenity and inspiration washes over me. I think it’s because of the candles.

So buy candles.

Until a few weeks ago, candles were an untouchable luxury for me. I could never justify purchasing them. Tempted by the Spitalfield scents, I said “no, I’m trying not to buy more stuff since I have to move soon.” As soon as I said this, I realised it didn’t have to be true. I didn’t have to carry something else to Boston. I could use it before I go.

Simple Fix: Light a Candle.

So unless you live in accommodation that is cautious about fires, use the candle you purchased. At night, when I turn the overhead lights off and the fairy lights on, I also light my Fireside candle. Let the scent bloom, let the flame flicker, cup your cold hands over top of it. Enjoying candles is living in the moment.

miss xandra bee



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