Simple Fix for Looking Better in Photos

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Feb 17 2014

Gold Tape

As a blogger, I look at pictures of myself a lot, and have picked up some specific blunders that make me cringe. In order to help you avoid the same mistakes, I wrote a guide, complete with some [deliberately] bad pictures of myself:

1. Smile Like You Mean ItSimple Fix for Looking Good in Photos

2. Stand up straightSimple Fix for Looking Good in Photos

3. Stand your head up straight too. You’re not a turtle.

Simple Fix for Looking Good in PhotosAs you can see, my collar lines up, yet my head is massive in the first one. Sometimes when I’m being photographed I jut my head forward, like it helps the photographer find my face or something. [why].

Any more photo faux-pas to add to the list?

miss xandra bee

P.S. For more comprehensive tips, read what Tyra has to say in my life lessons form America’s Next Top Model article, and browse Kat’s post on Rock n Roll Bride with hilariously bad images matched with so-true advice.

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