Simple Fix: Have a Pre-Packed Bag.

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Feb 03 2014

Gold Tape

Because (a) I tend to lose things, and (b) I try to cut down on time spent organizing stuff, I keep pre-packed bags for certain activities. 

1. The Oliver BagSimple Fix: Pre-Pack your Activity BagMy Daunt tote is home to my Oliver! scripts and notes for my Assistant Directing gig. 

2. The Climbing BagSimple Fix: Pre-Pack your Activity BagMy climbing bag (from the Philippines) holds my climbing shoes, harness, and chalk, as well as membership cards for every gym. Yes, even the ones in England. I would lose them otherwise [see first sentence].

I love having a go-to bag. I dream of having them for voice and yoga too. [I dream big]. 

Do you ever pre-pack bags for certain activities? What’s in your bag?

miss xandra bee
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