Simple Fix: Take your Chargers and Cables To Go

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Nov 16 2013

Gold Tape

Simple Fix: Take your Chargers and Cords To Go

Case in point:

Admittedly, I am blogging from Logan Airport. [Hooray for their wifi.] In such a last-minute circumstance, I would usually be confined to whatever images are in my iPhoto library, but because I have my iPod cable with me I can very easily provide this on-the-go image. [I added a filter to make it more exciting; it’s meant to enhance your experience].

In this case, Simple = More Stuff.

Minimalism isn’t always about less stuff. This time it’s about saving those moments of consideration as you pack your bag – eeeeh, do I need a charger today? Do I need this cable? – and the stress of running around trying to borrow a charger or hire a carrier pigeon when your phone runs out of battery.

Simple Fix: Take your Chargers and Cables To Go

You may have to find an outlet to charge stuff, but this way that’s all you’re looking for. Keep your electronic accessories in one place, and always bring them. You never know!

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