Socializing for Introverts, Jane Austen Heroines, and Sims


Dec 02 2015

Gold Tape

Socializing for Introverts, Jane Austen Heroines, and Sims

Everyone has a social needs bar.

Anyone who’s played The Sims will know that even those of us with the Loner trait have to fill our Social bars somehow:

Socializing for Introverts, Jane Austen Heroines, and Sims

Fulfilling Social Needs is different for Introverts and Extroverts

The other day I realised a funny thing. As I sealed and stamped an envelope containing a catch-up letter to a friend, I felt like a social need had been filled. There I was, sitting at my desk alone, with no one on Skype or the phone, no little icon indicating that a message had be received – the message wasn’t even in transit! Yet, I felt like I had communicated.

It can be a sad thing, having many long distance friends, but even though I haven’t seen some of them in months [or years], I don’t feel the urge to go on Skype. I spend enough time staring at screens, and too much of the conversation is faff: “wait you froze” – “I can’t see you, can you see me?” – “oh we must have gotten disconnected! silly internet!”. I can’t concentrate, and I’m admitting defeat.

Better than Skype [for me]

I know this is weird, but when I want to have a chat, I make like a Jane Austen heroine and write a letter by hand. I schedule a visit, and have marathon slumber party catch-up sessions with lots of giggles.

I’m curious – is this just me? Does letter-writing give you the same social satisfaction?


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P.S. more evidence that I was maybe born in the wrong time [this one’s about clothes]

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