on sophisticated silliness


Dec 02 2012

Gold Tape

^ a 70’s cover band in hyde park winter wonderland. when we realised they weren’t solely dedicated to abba we left (after much singing and dancing to mamma mia).

the end of term has brought an onslaught of activities, mostly involving saying goodbye to friends before the new year (wow!). yesterday the lovely ania and i daytripped to london, where the theme of the day became sophisticated silliness, from a conversation about the chic-yet-unsnobby chelsea neighbourhood to admiring winter wonderland as the most well-dressed fun fair, culminating in a coach-to-oxford’s worth of conversation relating solely to gangnam style appreciation (psy: “dress classy and dance cheesy.”). we may have strolled through burberry’s regent street flagship quoting designer collections, but we also posed with oversized plushies on the street. a classy life is fabulous, but let’s also be silly, not stuffy. ★

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