the sparklify steps: step 1


Nov 21 2012

Gold Tape

^ taking a walk in hathersage

as an experienced goal-setter, project-beginner, and goal- and project-abandoner, i have decided to start my own project (this is super exciting). because i am obsessed with making my life sparkle i title it the sparklify steps. the steps keep it simple, the sparkles keep it fashionable.

here’s the plan.

1. identify one easy thing you want to do every day. this is the tick list goal (american translation: checklist), because doing it makes you feel great, and ticking it off makes you feel accomplished.

2. compose a phrase to tell yourself when you’re stuck. this is the mantra, and it’s designed to put you back on track.

3. do your tick list goal every day for 21 days, and keep track (because who doesn’t love ticking things off?). mine is a text edit document numbered 1-21. i will add a ★ after each completed day. if you miss a day, start over.

3b. all the while, repeat your mantra. however many times a day you need it.

too often, i sleep in late or start the day off wrong, and these little things ruin the rest of my day (silly!). the mantra battles that feeling. focus on the now.

it may be tempting to wait for a defined starting point. a new day, week, month feels like a fresh start. but really, we can create fresh starts in each moment. start sparklifying today. make your own calendar. restart with each repetition of your mantra.

my first tick list goal: get fresh air every morning.

my first mantra: do what’s best.

to all my fellow goal-setters: good luck and keep going. ★

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