my next sparklify step: reducing screen time


Dec 13 2012

Gold Tape

^ my lovely yet headache-inducing macbook air (matilda)

last month i started a goal-setting project called the sparklify steps: choose one easy tangible habit to tick off every day, and employ one mantra. my first step was to get fresh air every morning. even if it was just a few minutes outside, completing this goal cleared my head and kicked off the day’s productivity (tick!).

my new goal is to reduce my screen time by turning off my computer at 11pm (small steps!).

my new mantra is “hustle“.

the cold-yet-cosy holiday season tempts me into being lazy, but there’s still work to do (girl’s gotta blog. and read literature.). focusing on one habit was manageable and rewarding – it even motivated me to work on other unmonitored habits!

are you working on any habits? what’s your strategy?

fashionably hustlingly,

xandra ★

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