the january step: a daily plan


Jan 04 2013

Gold Tape

the january step: a daily plan

^ my planner and whale pen

each month, i embrace a new habit-forming goal. i call this project the sparklify steps: little steps that make the biggest difference.

in december i promised to turn off my computer before 11pm. doing so helped me to wind down before getting to sleep, resulting in peace, rest, and longer hours of snooze

this month’s step is to plan tomorrow before the end of today

i mark my travels, busy-girl meetings, and lunch dates in a lovely notebook i’ve planner-ized. sometimes i’m too lazy to put pen to page. but when i do write in the evening, i face the next tomorrow with purpose and determination. this is my simple way to plan ahead, but i must also remember to live in the present. so my month’s mantra is: now

what are your new resolutions?

xandra ★


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