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Love Yourself as a Work in ProgressOnce upon a time, there lived a heroine. She was the protagonist of her adventure, the owner of her story.

She embraced her faults, faced her challenges, and enjoyed the journey.

She can be you.

These lessons explore the steps you can take towards standing proud and ruling your particular palace.

Love Yourself as a Work in Progress

You Don’t Owe Anyone Excuses

My Alter Ego, Princess Xandra the Bold






Organisational Coaching

A heroine has the tendency to want to do it all.

She is a dreamer, an innovator, and is constantly curious.

How ever to manage it all?

Here we discuss how to make a plan without crushing your creativity.

How to Reclaim Your Reading Mojo

How to Use the To-Do Section of your Passion Planner

How to Keep a Personal Budget

How to Choose Which Habit to Tackle Next


Passion Planner & Planning Advice


Passion Planner Tour ? How to Use Your Passion Planner Roadmap ?  How to use the To-Do Section of Your Passion Planner ? My Daily Passion Planning Ritual ? How to Have a Date with Your Planner ? The Ideal Week Template ? How to Organise Your To-Do List ? Passion Planning: How to Write a Personal To-Do List

Pomodoro Technique Tips


?  How I Use the Pomodoro Technique to Get Things Done ?  21 Things to Do on a 5-Minute Pomodoro Break






my Alter Ego, Princess Xandra the BoldA heroine seeks her happily ever after – which is not an end result, but a more holistic state of being.

Read about how to look after your realm, pick yourself up on difficult days, and appreciate joy.

How to Write an ‘At the Very Least’ List

How to Sleep Like a Princess

The Art of the Afternoon Singalong



Minimalism & Simple Living


Top 5 Minimalist Things I Do ? 10 Lessons in Minimalism and Simplicity I Learned from Living in an Airbnb ? Minimalist Disneyland Paris Haul ? A Minimalist’s Guide to Gmail ? Minimalist Challenge: Pretend Like You’re Packing ?  Collect Places Instead of Things ? Minimalist Challenge / Lighten Your Load The Ultimate Packing Guide How to Travel Light Long Term


Capsule Wardrobe


My Project 333 List ? How Many Pieces Should You Have in Your Wardrobe? ? How to Sleep in Style: Capsule Loungewear ? Minimalist Makeup Routine ? My 10-Item Wardrobe ? Capsule workwear: 5 Fabulous Looks





You Need a Day Off

A heroine is an adventurer, however near or far from home she may be.

Fuel your wanderlust with guides to storybook destinations across the globe, and figure out how to get there.

You Need a Day Off

How to Write a Birthday List

Reading List for Wanderlust

?  How to Get the Best Travel Advice for YOU

?  Travel Guides Fit for a Heroine





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