Micro-Pleasures: Parisian Street Art

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jul 01 2013

Gold Tape

Micro-Pleasures: Parisian Street Art Micro-Pleasures: Parisian Street ArtMicro-Pleasures: Parisian Street Art

Micro-Pleasure No.60 – Parisian Street Art

Walking through Paris is charming for the architecture, calming for the air’s apparent density of thought, and sophisticated for the sleek attentive fashion. The street art, however, is the magic – that extra dose of secret spunk. Always subtle, and always profound.

I also love…

61. sinking into a comfy sofa

62. being early and having that moment to breathe

63. unlimited piano practice time

64. how London jaunts with my Vegan Guru always manage to bring us to Whole Foods

65. gel pens, especially the metallic kind from my childhood

66. watching The September Issue and getting super psyched for a blogging marathon

67.  watching The September Issue and getting super psyched about colour blocking

68. how a former Café Rouge employee recognised me as a Little Clarendon branch regular from a year ago

69. redeeming a well-earned loyalty card for a free lunch

70. Emergency Chocolate

71. Hans Zimmer

miss xandra bee

P.S. Happy birthday to Emma, the girl who introduced me to Paris :)

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