Sunday Sampling / 042


Jan 31 2016

Gold Tape


⚡️ FEEL / 6 Easy Habits When You Work on Your Computer All Day

Perfect your computer posture and desk setup. It’ll make you feel better.

WATCH / Fifteen Years in Review: My Favourites

I seriously have films on the brain right now, and this list took me back! So many great choices.

CREATE / 10 Ways to Create a Routine with Joyful Discipline

Routines can be liberating. Craft yours with joy.

?READWerkloos Winter 2016: Begin Again

This debut issue of the zine werkloos is fun, dreamy, introspective, and visually stunning. I am proud to be a contributor :)

ADORN / Sacred Adornment: The Art of Dressing for your Spirit

Daily dress-up made sacred: if you’re going to get dressed in the morning, feel every moment and deliberately adorn yourself.

PERSEVERE / Why You Need to Take It Easy: 25 Ways to Reset Your Mind

Make a blanket fort, binge-watch TED talks, and other why-didn’t-I-think-of-that ideas for restoring calm.

NOTICE / Observations from Tracking Smartphone Use

An app for tracking how much time you spend on your smartphone and where you spend it

HEROINE TRAINING / The Biggest Lesson I Learned This Year / How Do You Treat Yourself? / My Favourite Books of 2015


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