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Feb 28 2016

Gold Tape

sunday sampling

? APPRECIATE The Real Instagram Husbands of Washington DC

Introducing the men behind DC’s fashionistas, the guys behind the camera capturing all the fabulousness.

? UNDERSTAND / How to Figure Out Who You’re Supposed to Be

We all worry about this sometimes, right? Maxie walks through the questions to ask yourself to actually get answers.

? MAKE / Star Wars Craft

Yes, adults can have fun too! I love Cazz’s Star Wars crafting out of household objects.

QUOTE / The Quotable Jane Austen for Evil People: Sense & Sensibility Edition

This is like the snarky version of my Letters from Jane Austen, providing specific occasions and the quotes to go with them.

? EXPLORE / Little London Guide to Seven Dials

What I recognize from Olivia’s guide (Homeslice!) is spot-on, so I can’t wait to explore her other suggestions on my next London jaunt!

? READ / A Closer Look at The Disney Book

I haven’t seen this new collection of Disney wonder in person yet, so I was so excited to see Danielle’s overview of its thorough contents, adorable sketch of Lady and the Tramp included!

⚡️ WORK / Deep Work: 7 Rules for Focused Success

I consider myself pretty well-versed in the productivity front, but every once in a while Jeff Sanders talks about a strategy on his 5 AM Miracle podcast that BLOWS MY MIND. This episode on deep work is stellar.

HEROINE TRAINING / My Secret to Forming Habits / How to Audit Your Life / 7 Books for Restoring Your Faith in Romance


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