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Mar 27 2016

Gold Tape


Happy Easter weekend! I am back in the UK for bunny day after a homebound adventure through Boston [where it snowed]. It’s been an exciting month for Heroine Training, as I celebrated my 2-year ebook anniversary by giving it a makeover and adding an Addendum on Depression [available here!]. I made my debut in The Guardian with my piece on How Harry Potter Changed My Life, and Bobbi designed me some new business cards. Here’s what I’ve been reading lately. What about you?

? RESPECT In Conversation with Emma Watson and bell hooks

Let’s talk feminism. This discussion is fun, informative, and intelligent.

? NEST / Inspiration: Dream Minimalist Home

I love Nyamka‘s collection of photos from a beautiful yet simple flat in Moscow.

PONDER / I Feel that Ed Sheeran Should Reconnect with Ex-Girlfriend Nina Nesbitt, and I Am Willing to Offer Considerable Financial Retributions for Him to Do So

Everything I know about pop culture I learned from AC.

? READ / Top 10 Places Books Make Me Want to Visit

Reading is my favourite form of travel when I can’t travel. But sometimes reading just makes me want to travel more.

WATCH / Horror Movies for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting into the Horror Genre

I’ve been trying to expand my cinematic horizons, and this guide showed me that there is more to horror than blood and guts!

REMINISCE / Baby-Sitters Fashion Club

This girl started a fashion blog in which her real-life outfits are inspired by members of the Baby-Sitters Club. Must I say more?

☕️  CHAT / 16 Questions That Will Make Small Talk (A Lot) Better

I recently wrote about how to master typical small talk questions, but Sarah goes one step further by suggesting some excellent, not-overused questions for improving conversations.

HEROINE TRAINING / Taylor Swift Songs that are actually about Jane Austen heroines / How to make a travel budget – and stick to it! / Like Peeling Potatoes


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