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May 01 2016

Gold Tape

Is it May already? My April proved trés cinematic, starting with the live action Jungle Book, and ending with a triple bill leading up to the midnight premiere of Captain America: Civil War. I could not help but dress up for both, inspiring a few evenings of crafting on my living room floor to make a prickly pear necklace, and a team Cap cap [full outfit post for the latter coming soon ;)].

At Heroine Training I’ve been busy producing a mini course, Broadway Bootcamp, a little preview of June’s Leading Lady confidence camp. Register for your free space here!


? NEST / Snazzy Sisters

I am in love with these beautiful, geeky things for your home, especially these floral Nintendo pillows.

? SAY Make Your Life Better by Saying Thank You in These 7 Situations

Some of these are good reminders for the obvious, but a few totally changed my perspective on conversation. Mind blown!

☕️  PAUSE / Unconventional Productivity

As a Passion Planning micromanaging maniac, I needed this.

WATCH / 73 Questions | Blake Lively Reveals the Best Surprise She’s Ever Received

I spent an evening binge-watching this new-ish series by Vogue, and Blake’s was my favourite. She is ridiculously charming.

THINKIn Which I Am Reading About Extreme Poverty in Italy, and Somehow Manage to Make It All About Myself

So much in this post! On finding a book you can’t put down, a brilliant Italian word we don’t have in English, and writing as identity.

GIGGLE / Me & Luke Skywalker

My new favourite Instagram account is Sara’s gorgeously styled dates with her Luke Skywalker cardboard cutout.

REMINISCE24 Must-See Vintage Disney Commercials

These vintage commercials will help you rewind to the Golden Age of Disney magic. 8:19 for the 1977 Space Mountain commercial!

HEROINE TRAINING / Life Lessons from the Amazing Race / The Art of Writing a Letter / Passion Planning: How to Write a Personal To-Do List / Habit Building: What’s the Point?


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