Sunday Sampling / 046


Jun 06 2016

Gold Tape

Sunday Sampling / 046What a month it has been! Thank you for bearing with me during my biggest launch yet, for Leading Lady. I’m typing this from Amsterdam, a city that my love grows for each day. It’s “such a fairytale city,” as my friend Sarah describes it, and also has the best. shops.

It is amazing to be somewhere different, and to have time to myself while I explore. Monkey is here on a conference, and I just tagged along, pounding out some work in the AirBnB in the morning, and treating myself to a city adventure in the afternoon, just me and my earphones.

  • Kitty is my go-to girl for dreaming lavishly, and I love this particular vignette on making small strokes on that canvas.

When our desires feel as far off and uncertain as The New World to an early explorer, how do we keep the wind in our sails? FOUR WORDS: BIG CANVAS, BABY STROKES.”

  • Reading list time! Candice Benbow has compiled this #LemonadeSyllabus of works celebrating black womanhood to accompany Beyoncé’s latest.
  • Time to go through and do ALL of these suggestions for a girls night in. (plus, discover some new bloggers to follow!)

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