Sunday Sampling / 047


Jul 03 2016

Gold Tape

Sunday Sampling / 047

Every year for my Birthday List, I promise myself to visit a new country, and this month I finally got to explore Italy! All of the pasta + gelato + a viewing of The Last Supper made it quite the food-related adventure. While it was nice to soak in some summer sun, there’s nothing like coming home to my beautiful (drizzly) Edinburgh.

? Theresa took books recommendations to her favourite characters at Disney World! Gaston was not impressed.

? Into Mind’s wardrobe worksheets revolutionised my sense of style! Now Anuschka has a free multipurpose wardrobe planning workbook. eeeee fun

☕️ 5 simple life lessons that are SO SPOT ON.

? My favourite wool comes from Izzy Lane, an ethical fashion brand that rescues sheep and makes goods out of their wool! They have a Kickstarter going on for balls of yarn and cosy socks.

? Science mag is running another year of its Dance Your Ph.D. contest. arts + sciences = better together.

? “5 Ways to Complicate Your Decision Making Process” by Robert Frost and other classic poems turned into click-bait to trick students into learning – ahhhh!

? I JUST learned that ICYMI means in case you missed it. So, ICYMI: my guide to getting started with decorating your home, sleeping like a princess, and beasting  your passion planning.

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