Sunday Sampling / 048


Jul 31 2016

Gold Tape

Sunday Sampling / 048

I turned a year older.

I acquired a new Harry Potter book.

What a month it’s been.


? Sara has only three pieces of jewellery. they are so beautiful, and meaningful. minimalist goals.

✨ As if I didn’t already want to be at Disney World right now, Lynsay continues to tempt me with 10 Things to Do at Walt Disney World + her absolutely adorable themed outfits.

⚡️ “how to stay motivated” does not begin to sum up how on point and thorough this article is. If you are seeking motivation, the answer IS in it.

? I love dining solo, and you should too.

? I KNOW I KNOW letting go of books is hard. Sophie breaks down why and how to downsize a book collection.

? Whatever your political beliefs are, Hillary Clinton matters to 3rd graders, and here’s why.

“true beauty needs never be questioned. It is a simple feminine truth.”

When it’s okay to break a habit you’re trying to build, my super detailed system for keeping a personal budget, and books that fuel my wanderlust


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