Sunday Sampling / 050


Sep 25 2016

Gold Tape

Sunday Sampling

Can you believe this is the 50th – gold – edition of Sunday Sampling? September has been a lovely wind-down from the festival, and I’ve dedicated my focus to projects that spark the most excitement for me. I’ve spent my evenings trying new recipes, catching up on Gilmore girls, and bringing out my pumpkin soufflé candle. mmmm.

I also had so much fun crafting [and colouring] my answers to the Cool + Thoughtful survey. Do have a poke around on the rest of the site as well; their mission is marvelous.


Science says everyone should read Harry Potter.

“Don’t underestimate the power of confidence and conviction.” Act like you know what you’re doing.

? Did you watch What Not to Wear as obsessively as I did? Here’s what Stacy London is wearing now, and why she no longer believes in dressing for your age.

I want to embrace my age for the importance that it holds. I don’t need anti-ageing products to feel young or to know we are all going to live longer. And with time, we can form a new sense of our identities as useful and productive.” – Stacy London

♠️ Kate Spade’s #missadventure series is BACK and fabulously real as ever:

☺️ Did you see my ‘at the very least’ list? If you’re writing your own, read Carly’s article on how to turn around a bad day for inspiration on what to put on it!

How to use Instagram stories – because I know I’m not the only one still figuring that out!

? As we get into autumn, here’s how to care for your knitwear in sweater weather!

37 blogging and business tips Sarah has learned in 37 years. So many of these are so true and the others I can’t wait to try out!

? This month I launched HTtv: Heroine Training television, with a check in on my current minimalist habits, the very first episode of Planner Wars, and another Harry Potter song. Also, why you need a day off.


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