Sunday Sampling / 051


Nov 07 2016

Gold Tape

Sunday Sampling / 051

October was about illness and recovery. From a frustrating nose cold to a momentary resurgence of depression, I learned that what my body and mind both need is fuel: good food, good friends and good stories, and good, fresh, mountain air. November is about rebirth: realisations and new starts. One example: waking up to this mention on Yes and Yes:

Xandra writes about sooooo many good things. Really, you’re just going to click the ‘archive’ button a million times. If I had to choose favorite posts I’d point you towards How To Write A ‘At The Very Least’ List and You don’t owe anyone excuses.


? It’s not too late to join Kitty [and me] in the November Adornment Challenge on Instagram! Her prompts are freshening my fall by opening my eyes to adornment!

? The absolutely charming official Stars Hollow directory. Kirk has an advice column on it. Need I say more? (P.S. Have you seen my Gilmore girls trailer reaction/freak out?)

❤️ Reading this list is like the most tension-relieving exhale: 10 things I’ve finally forgiven myself for.

⚡️ 12 ways to feel like a total badass, including but not limited to dressing the part.

? Alexandra’s advice on how to find your groove and conquer the blogging slump (or any slump) is simple, yet honest and effective. So many parts of this article made me go YES I totally get that!

? Lucy is one of those writers who makes me smile while also writing poignantly about serious issues – in this case, females on film. Use her astute arguments the next time someone asks you “Why do you have to make everything a feminist issue?”

? I so needed to read THIS: Ways to Feel My Feelings. I catch myself rushing to fix my feelings before I even feel them. Sarah has some actual advice on this surprisingly challenging practice.

? Plus, this month on Heroine Training: how to socialise as an introverthow to listen to music in the 21st century, and why you should always try things on (no matter how expensive)


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