Sunday Sampling / 052


Dec 11 2016

Gold Tape

Sunday Sampling / 052

Is it autumn? Is it winter? Whatever it is, I like the feeling in the air these days. Here’s to woodland walks (the above is an hour’s drive away from home nbd) and nights in reading novels.



☕️ Rory Gilmore and Why We Need Better Fictional Journalism – yes yes yes!

? I am a reformed Over-Buyer, an Alchemist, a Finisher, and a Hare. What about you?

? One day I will have an amazing guest room and provide this kind of design-happy hospitality when you come stay in it.

? I am always happy to scroll through pictures of service dogs being adorable.

✒️ You don’t need to be Miranda Priestly.

? I love this concept: 2016 in first lines from books read each month. Eleanor’s right; good luck getting through this without pulling out your personal reading list to add titles…

⛅ Who else can’t get enough of daily routine breakdowns? Especially when the subject is Kate Valentine Spade!

? Plus this month on Heroine Training: my thoughts on the election and what fiction has to do with it, watch my Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them recap, & take a tour of my Passion Planner


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