Sunday Sampling / 053


Jan 15 2017

Gold Tape

Sunday Sampling / 053

Pretty much as soon as I decided that this year I was going to roll with things rather than resist them, life threw a a challenge at me: the Airbnb we booked into for the month has no wifi. This was totally on us for not double-checking, and I’ve decided to treat it as an experiment in mindfulness. Not to mention an experiment in exploring Leith’s cafés to bulk out my comprehensive guide to Edinburgh cafés with wifi.

So far I’ve actually been okay. I’ve had to move projects around, swapping writing my Gilmore girls book for my book on the Hogwarts houses. This fits in nicely with my schedule, as this March I will be leading a workshop at the Harry Potter Alliance’s Granger Leadership Academy. I am beyond excited (and hope to see you there!)


? Viola Davis’s commitment to owning and telling her story through acting is the epitome of Heroine Training. This piece is amazing.

☕️ Yes to ALL 5 of these thingss that will totally help you chill out.

⚡️ How climbing an actual mountain put fear in perspective for Shauna – this is exactly how I feel about rock climbing!

? Heather’s introduction to what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person and what to do about it really resonates with me. I don’t feel great about the term ‘sensitive’ (maybe I’m too sensitive to admit that I’m sensitive); I prefer Super-feeler.

☺️ Raise your hand if you have dreamed of having a mentor to guide you through life. I mean me, for sure. I love this alternative advice: Can’t find a mentor? Look to your peers instead.

? “We must be able to allow ourselves to come to the present and experience every moment as if it was to never cross our path again”: The power of being curious

? Doesn’t it feel like everyone is telling us to write gratitude lists? Here are 11 ways to practice gratitude without a gratitude journal!

? Plus, this month on Heroine Training: Inspiring Books for Getting Back on TrackMinimalist Makeup Routine Update, and How to Use Your Passion Planner Roadmap

Happy new year!

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