Sunday Sampling / 054


Jan 22 2017

Gold Tape

Sunday Sampling / 054

This time of year it’s not a matter of whether the January blues will kick in, but when they will. A fresh location, moving, and so many good films in the cinema have kept them at bay for now. How are you holding up, heroines?


? the Happiness Recipe is so simple yet so profound. I wish I’d thought of it myself!

? Power to the introverts! Here are 3 underrated introvert personality traits.

? Is this adorable or is this adorable? Also, now that I’ve seen its fabulousness, this is now the ONLY acceptable method for holding open an elevator door.

⚡️ This is perhaps the most thoughtful Harry Potter present I’ve seen, no pun intended.

A love letter to the library!

? Just updated my desktop wallpaper with this gorgeous floral photography.

? If you struggle with sleep as much as I do, read these sleep tips on the importance of room temperature!

? Plus, on Heroine Training: the heroines I’m channeling this year for professional success, and my favourite stories, January edition.

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